1. Internet Settings for Nexttel, MTN and Orange

To configure your mobile phone, go to SettingsMobile Networks then Access Points Names and add a new access point (APN).  No Proxy or Port is needed for either MTN, Orange or Nexttel; Ooly the following fields should be filled.

Name : MTN
APN : mtnwap
Username : mtnuser
password : mtnuser
Name : Nexttel
APN : n-internet
Name : Orange
APN : orange or orangecmgprs
Nom d’utilisateur : Orange
Mot de passe : Orange

Ignore all the other fields.

With this normally, your phone would have access to internet with any of these three mobile operators.  However, if for one reason or another, you still don’t have access to internet  after entering these settings and subscribing to an internet bundle,  you will need to contact the customer service  of your mobile operator and ask for help.

 2. All Internet Bundles

Before accessing internet on your mobile phone, always make sure you have effectively subscribed to an internet bundle unless you have free data units in a bonus account or included in an all-in-one bundle such as MTN Go Plan, Eco+, Plenty or Maxi bonus.  Off-bundle browsing can be up to 50 times more expensive.

MTN, Orange and Nexttel offer dozens of internet bundles as from 50 Francs.

All Internet bundles – MTN Cameroon

All Internet bundles – Orange Cameroun

All Internet bundles – Nexttel Cameroon